International Foods

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Grill and Outdoor Accessories. Our Portable Charcoal B.BQ that are made light and easy to carry anywhere; to the park or even to your own backyard. Try our B.BQ excellent quality Chicken Baskets and durable long lasting stainless steel skewers for all your meat and kebab grilling needs.

Falafel Mould, Garlic Crusher and Vegetable Chopper

Vegetable Maquara - comes in Plastic handel, Wooden handel and new type called the Magic Maquara.

Sponges - are made excellent to last.
Squeegee Rubber with Curved Frame - for all your flooring perfect cleaning needs.

Non-stick pots - comes in different sizes
Beautiful Gold-look Coffee warmers - comes in a set of 3
Stainless Steel Sugar Holder